GOffee is nearly a year in the making!

It all started with the love of Philz coffee in san francisco and the sad realization that we couldn't get it after our move to NYC.

For months we tried all the different coffee shops - some were close and some were very far but all of them shared the same line and relatively disorganized experience. This is when we started thinking about a new experience - what if we could :

  • Provide the same taste than each coffee shop but 
  • Never  have to wait in line again
  • And not having to go to the same place every day and instead use our coffee break to discover the neighborhood?

There it was : GOffee, a service that will deliver your coffee, from multiple brands at the same price than if you had gone to the store! 

Our team

Coffee lovers first, operational experts second! We are all here to create a unique coffee experience and perfect service. If you experience anything less please reach out!
Our coffee takes us to the top of the Skyline! we love you NYC